We make sure that special attention is paid to the unique needs of our clients. We adopt Collaborative, Informative and flexible approach to our project Management methodology. The systematic approach followed by us for project execution is described below:

       1. Understanding the client need
       2. Pilot project Execution
       3. Achieve client satisfaction
       4. Agreement/Project Purchase Order
       5. Implementation/Production
       6. Quality Check
       7. Final Output/Delivery

Quality is at the heart of our business of helping clients create value and improve their sustainability performance. We are committed to continuous improvement in our services, people and processes. Our quality management system (QMS) provides the framework that drives the achievement of our aim of value creation and improved performance.

Our QMS includes the following elements which summarise our quality assurance principles:

  •    Ensuring we have the right people with the right skills and aptitude to do the job.
  •    Proper resource planning, task allocation and goal setting.
  •    Continuous client focus and engagement in the delivery of every project.
  •    Regular monitoring of key aspects of project performance using our Quality review mechanism.
  •    Collecting and acting on feedback after each project.

To Collaborate and start business relationship with our clients Vector Head Info Solutions offers following flexible models of engagement

Time and material / Effort Based - this model is best suited for projects where the scope, specifications, deliverables and implementation plans are not completely defined when beginning the engagement or are expected to evolve over the period of the engagement.

Fixed Price / Project Based – this model is suited for projects where the scope, schedules requirements and deliverables are clearly defined before the initiation of the project.

Captive Development Centers or Offshore Development Centers (ODC) is comprised of VH Info Solution’s team of Technical experts doing outsourced work as an independent team or jointly in coordination with client’s team.