VH Info Solutions understands that each industry has its own unique application areas, requirements and regulations. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each industry and organizational structure, we can easily adapt our work methodology to suit your particular industry needs.

VH Info Solutions provide services and solutions to the following industry sectors for their specific application needs. Following list contains, but not limited to, the names of few industries which can utilize our services for their specific business purposes.

  •    Land Administration and Urban Planning
  •    Utilities and communication
  •    Oil and Gas
  •    Transportation
  •    Location based Services
  •    Environment, Forestry, Natural Resources
  •    Emergency Management/ Natural Hazards
  •    Flood and Coastal Zone Management
  •    Infrastructure/Real Estate/Urban Planning
  •    Relocation and change detection
  •    Mapping/Cadastral
  •    Mobile Mapping
  •    Public and state authorities
  •    Public Health
  •    Mining
  •    AECO and ITES